Japanese characters in PreviewWin

Dear Experts,
I have a piece of code that works on some PCs and not on others.  On mine and a few PCs the html code displays fine, but not on others.  They all show up as squares, but the alphabets are fine.  All these machines have Japan as region, with Japanese IME installed.
Some working ones are 32-bit and 64-bit, so I don't think that is the issue.  Below is the code, and I attached the html file I am trying to display.  Please advise.

Private Sub Command88_Click()

memoBlob = Me.Description

f = FreeFile
Open "c:\ECEditor\prvWin.html" For Output As #f
Print #f, memoBlob
Close #f

PauseTime = 0
start = Timer
Do While Timer < start + PauseTime                       ' a little pause

DoCmd.OpenForm "previewWin", acNormal

End Sub
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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
All these machines have Japan as region, with Japanese IME installed.
Them IME would seem to be the problem...

Did you go to the site:
...and investigate the options under:
Option - Setting "non-Unicode Programs"

If you cannot view Japanese characters properly
even after installing Japanese fonts, please try this option.

Windows 7

Windows VISTA

Windows XP

Did you try contacting them directly with their email link:


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yballanAuthor Commented:
Dear Jeffrey,

Thank you, I already have my region set to be Japan, but I will contact them using your link.
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