How to create/add my new solution/project to Source Control at VS Online?

Hi, I'm using VS2012.  I'm logged into VS online and can open the Team Explorer in VS2012. The frustrating thing is how do I add a new solution to source control?  I click on the Solution Explorer, Right click on the solution, Select "Add solution to Source Control".  The a pop up dialog shows up with 3 of my Solution/projects that are there.  

The problem is i don't want to put this new solution under any of the 3 solutions currently in Source Control in VS Online.  I want this to be a new solution/project to be saved in the source control form the root.  If I click on the Advanced button, edit the "Source Control Folder" path to "$/MyNewSolutionName", I then get an error message saying root folder is reserved only for team project.  How can I get a new solution/project to the source control?  I've done it before but it seemed to have changed.

Okay, In Source Control Explorer, I select the root,\DefaultCollection.  I then select VS "File" menu and in the drop down I selected "New" and then "Team Project".  It takes me to a browser and lands at VS online.  I then type in the new team project name.  Everything is good so far.  I now returns to my VS on my local PC, I right click either the solution or the project in that solution, select "Add solution to Source Control".  The "Add Solution... " dialog then pops up.  I selected newly created Team Project, leave everything else in default and select OK and now I get a different error message saying "Fail to create mapping, cannot map server path, $/TeamProject/projectname, becuase it is not rooted beneath a team project.

How can I fix this and just get my source into the source  control?  Thank you.

Thank you.
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To create a new team project, go to your Visual Studio Online account's Overview page. Capture.PNG
Do you mean a new work space? You could configure it from Team explorer provided you have privilege to create one.
lapuccaAuthor Commented:
Thank you.  I did create a new team project.  From Ultimate VS 2013 on my pc, do I then create a new project and then somehow link to that in VS Online?  Thank you.
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