How to connect (using VBA) to a IBM Notes webmail server


How do I connect to a IBM Notes webmail server?  I have tried using

    Set ntDatabase = ntSession.GETDATABASE("", "mailindbs/TechniTimesh.nsf/iNotes/Welcome/?")

substituting MyCompanyName for the correct name with no luck.

It doesn't fail, it simply connects me to my client version.

Sorry if my terminology is a little vague.
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You are trying to connect two separate domains.  While in the Domino server backend, the two ends meet in the same Notes database, the web interface is published using the HTTP(S) protocol, and the native Notes interface (which I gather from your example you are trying to instantiate) uses the Notes RPC protocol.

You cannot open a database with the http protocol with the native objects.

You will need to specify the domino server with its FQDN: e.g.
adb11aAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply lasrberntrop.

We will no longer using the webmail option for this project and therefore don't need a solution however for future projects can you please provide some more information.

For example what is FQDN and how is it used?

Do you have some sample code?

I want to give you an 'A' and this will help (not that I don't appreciate you replying already).
fqdn = a fully qualified domain name like for the webserver at which is the server for HTTP.

The smtp server's address is,com.

Try reading the Administrator manual for Domino.  this will explain a lot.  I have no sample code for VBA available.  But a little googling around should provide you with plenty.
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