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photos synced from iTunes will be removed

The statement 'photos synced from iTunes will be removed...412 photos will be removed' is displayed when I turn on iCloud Photo Library (Beta) from IOS 8.1.3 iPhone 5S.

What does this mean as I always update/upgrade my iPhone using iTunes via USB connection to OSX 10.10.X - will all photos be deleted from IOS 8.1.X devices, specifically my iPhone?

If this means photos will *only* be available from iCloud Photo Library and *not* on iPhone/iDevice if no Internet/iCloud connection is available - this is not good!
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Quality Assurance Engineer at Dassault Systemes
Unfortunately, you cannot use iCloud Photo Library alongside synced photos from iTunes/iPhoto.  If you want the photos from your Mac on your phone, then do not enable the iCloud photo drive until it is out of Beta.  You will want to wait for the 'Photos' app for Mac to be available.  

I agree it is not good.  These things are being fleshed out with Beta versions which is why it should not be relied upon until final release.  Also, switching over to an entirely cloud based photo library would not allow you to sync your photos locally as well.  You would have a plethora of duplicates, etc.

Overall there are still limitations to switching over to iCloud Photo Library.  If you follow through with this switch you will need to upload photos/videos to the cloud from now on in order to be viewable on all your devices.  But then again, as you said already, it means the photos will only be available if your device has an available connection.

Let me know if you need anything else.

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Thanks for a thorough and detailed helpful response!
Kyle SantosQuality Assurance Engineer at Dassault Systemes

You're welcome!