Moving Excel Columns to Rowa

I found an article that shows how to move Excel columns to rows but it is painstaking - it seems I have to do it one by one

I am wanting to switch to eWallet by Ilium Software.  I was using PasswordBox but saw they were owned by MacAfee and Intel.  Plus I cannot get my passwords.  I am using LastPass as an alternative and it actually allowed me to download all my saved passwords in my browsers.

But I want a local program and eWallet seems to be the best.  They are supposed to be compatible with the export of SPB wallet but unfortunately there are some bugs.  

They have an FAQ How do I import data from a CSV file into eWallet?  I tried it with a couple - it seemed to work a bit better.

Here is an example of the export:


Commission Junction
Web Site:
User Name:
Password: password

Password: password
User Name: username
Notes: Acct Number: 123456


Bank of America
Card #: 4217000000000000
Card Type: Visa
Expires: 11/2013
PIN: 0000
CVV: 000
Owner: Owner Name
Bank: Bank of America
Lost Phone: 800-622-8731
Web Site:
User Name: username
Password: password
Acct Number: 123456789
Routing Numbers:
122000661 (paper)
121000358 (electronic)
026009593 (wires)

Affiliates is the folder and Commission Junction is a sub-folder, just like Regnow.

You will see two lines above Banks - this is a new folder and Bank of America is a subfolder.  

When exporting these, (and there are a lot), if I do not do it manually, it is really messed up.

They are supposed to be compatible with SPB Wallet: FAQ: How do I import data from other programs into eWallet? but not entirely.  

My possible option is moving the columns into rows but with over 500 passwords and other data, I need a quicker / easier way. FAQ: How do I import data from a CSV file into eWallet? shows the columns needed.

Fortunately, LastPass was very easy.  I guess I could go thru and see what passwords LastPass has and that might cut down on the SPB Wallet import.  I like the eWallet because I can customize it (for the most part - the templates are not as customizable as SPB wallet unfortunately.
Thank you
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Copy then paste special with the transpose option.
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