How recover data from OST?

Hello I have an OST file and I need to recover some data from it.

It's posible do it without buy any software?

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OST file is an offline copy of Mailbox in the Server. So ideally even if you create a new OST file, if server mailbox is intact, OST file will download all data from server mailbox.

Suppose you have lost the mailbox, but the Outlook Profile on the user's machine is still there. In this scenario, you can start Outlook in offline mode and copy contents of OST File to a PST File.

But if the Outlook Profile has been removed and you only have OST file, then it is not possible to retrieve items in OST file thru Outlook.
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
No, it is going to require a third party tool unfortunately.

Unfortunately I will not make a recommendation, because almost all of them operate in a manner which encourages affiliates to spam forums. If this was the Microsoft TechNet forum your question would already have a dozen posts with affiliate links.

there are lots of free tool available . However, thing is you will  not able to download an email.

below is the link , which you can try it
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