Moving a list into another

Good morning,
could anyone help me in this?

In Delphi-6 I have a piece of code which declares
var MyList, TempList: TList;

MyList has some items. TempList has the same items in a different order. Both lists refer to pointers of the same type.
How can I move TempList to the var MyList? I do not wish to execute re-ordering directly in MyList since it might no be definitive.

When I assign
MyList := TempList;
all looks fine, although freeing lists produces following error
"Access violation at address [addr]. Read of address [addr]"

Thank you for the attention
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MerijnBSr. Software EngineerCommented:
The reason you get the access violation, is (at least I assume) that you free TempList.
When you do MyList := TempList, both vars point to the same list, if you that list, both variables become invalid.

try something like:

var MyList: TList;
    TempList: TList;
    i: integer;
 MyList := TList.Create();
 TempList := TList.Create();
  // add your stuff to the lists
  // now we do the actual moving from TempList to MyList
  for i := 0 to TempList.Count - 1 do
   if MyList.IndexOf(TempList[i]) = -1 then  // check if MyList does not (already) contain this pointer in TempList
    MyList.Add(TempList[i]);                 // if not add it to MyList
  // now all pointers which were not (yet) in MyList were added from TempList
  // if you want to remove them from TempList call TempList.Clear();
  // TempList.Clear();  // uncomment this line if you want to remove the pointers from TempList

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nikifAuthor Commented:
Dear MerijnB thank you for your attention,

Unfortunately what you proposed does not work as I expected.
Let's say MyList contains items A-B-C-D-E-F-G
TempList contains items A-F-E-D-C-B-G

Your proposition copies all pointers to MyList, so in line 18 MyList comes with items A-B-C-D-E-F-G-A-F-E-D-C-B-G
My aim is MyList with items A-F-E-D-C-B-G

Thank you
MerijnBSr. Software EngineerCommented:
Hi nikif,

Do I understand correctly that MyList should be exactly like TempList, all items which were in MyList can be discarded?

If yes, you can simply do MyList.Assign(TempList), and forget about all other code I posted.

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nikifAuthor Commented:
That's perfect
Thank you
nikifAuthor Commented:
That's perfect

Thank you
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