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Domain Functionaliy Level raised to 2003 but Forest Fonctionality level remains 2000

cybernetwork asked
I have to move AD from Server 2003R2 to new Server 2012R2

I made level raising in Active Directory Users and computers and in Active directory domain and Trusts but when I control on Properties I still see Forest Functionality Level at 2000!

Server reboot did not change the problem.

Any help would be grately appreciated.
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Seth SimmonsSr. Systems Administrator

where do you see forest functionality at 2000?
you can't promote a 2012 server in a domain or forest that is functioning at 2000 level
sounds like a domain controller somewhere isn't replicating to reflect those changes
if you look at the 2012 server, what does it show?
Problem Solved !
Domain Functionality Level of the forest of CD 2003R2 could not raise as log as DNS entry of NIC was not right. In fact, DNS where set on an external IP instead of Once correct IP set Forest functionality raised by it selffrom 2000 to 2003


problem solved with corect DNS IP in NIC