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Multiple RDPs towards Win Server 2008 R2 Foundation


At the Win 2008R2 Foundation Server there is a 3rd party Financial Management SW and the SQL database for it. Apx 5 users need to access the sw over internet using laptops and MACs. They don't want to connect RDP to WSs residing in the office but rather use Terminal Server type solution.

What options do I have in terms of technical and licensising?
Setting up the firewall to forward 443 or 3389 etc. is not a problem.
The budget is 1500-3000 euros.
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You need terminal server cal's. Read more about cal's in the following document

Talk to your vendor for cal pricing. Direct from Microsoft ~$ 800 for 5 users): http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msusa/en_US/pdp/Windows-Server-2012-Remote-Desktop-Services-5-Device-CAL/productID.255866000



So "Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services" should be the solution. Can I install everything to the 2008R Foundation server? No new hardware required? BTW, the physical server is quite new having a Xeon E31235 processor (8 logical processors) but the RAM is 8GB due to 2008R2 Foundation limits.

Do you have any link for installing instructions in my scenario?

I resently set up a similiar system but in that case I set up to two separate Windows servers DC + RDS server. Here I don't have a budget for that.
Ideal you install separate servers for everything. But you can install application licenses and give access for the users to the same server.

What do you mean like installing instructions? Something like https://aaronwalrath.wordpress.com/2010/05/23/installing-and-configuring-remote-desktop-services-terminal-services-on-windows-server-2008%C2%A0r2/



Yep, you provided just great link for "installing instructions".

After above installation is performed, what next?
Any links how to setup desktops (don't know the official term) for end users and how to publish applications?

If I manage to install public SSL certificate too can multiplle users connect simultaneously to the server via RDP?
If you have enabled RDS, multiple users can connect at the same time.

I do not have any link to setup desktops. It al depends on the needs of the organization. To keep it very simple, just let them setup a RDP connection to the server and start the application.

If you want to manage the desktops/applications you have to do more.



I was able to install RDS server to single server and used antoher server fod DC purposes.