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I have a user that was wondering if there was any email filter spam blocker that could analyze email before it hits their outlook account.  We are using a pop email account and I can go to the web version and blacklist subjects but that does not seem to help.  It should go through there first and see that the subject is blacklisted and then not deliver to the outlook account.  This is not happening.  The spam filter in outlook is working though.  All of these emails are going to the trash but this user wants them not to even get to the outlook account.  Are there any 3rd party add ons that can be installed on a computer that scans all incoming email and then does not allow certain emails from getting to the outlook account or does someone have a better way of doing this?
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Guy LidbetterCommented:
A pop mail account only pulls the mail from the mailbox... if the mail is already there, Outlook can only spam it. You would have to install something on the server side to prevent it getting to the mailbox in the first place... or you could use someone like messagelabs as your external smarthost.
I had a same problem with one of my clients until I began to use a service called Spam Soap. It is a managed hosting email service that I use it for myself as well as my MSP clients. Fees will vary based on what you sign up for.  i.e. $20 for 5 email accounts.  All email is screen and filtered based on rules.  Each day there is an automated email sent to your inbox of "suspect mails" that were blocked. See my attachment screen shot from today. You would have the ability to either release them or delete them. When clicking on the link it will take you to a separate portal where you control what you want to release or block.  There is also an Outlook plug in for your email so that in the event one makes it through you can tag it. At that point it will send it to Spamsoap and will block it for your future ones.  Each month you would receive a report on similar blocks.

It does inbound and outbound scanning and supports  IMAP, POP and have setups for smartphones, tablets. Mac and IOS. Neither do a response challenge to potential spam :)

I use Spamsoap for business, and persoanl, I'm very happy with it.   See the attachment.

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Don ThomsonCommented:
A lot depends on who your email server host is and whether or not they have options that would allow trapping of spam before it gets to your outlook.

Some servers allow you to blacklist on individual accounts but not on all the accounts - some are the opposite. Others allow you to let them handle everything and others allow you to change the subject line to include ***Possible SPAM***

With that one you can use rules in outlook to either delete them as soon as they come in or to permanently delete them right as they come in.

A lot depends on how accurate their SPAM filer may be. I've had meany clients where people from their own company have had legit emails mark or treated like SPAM  and have removed the legit email.

I normally suggest that the client have the spam marked in the subject line and them move those to a junk or spam folder. Then I have them quickly review the contents of the junk or spam folder once or twice a day and then decide if there are any legit emails.  If they do get legit email that are marked as SPAM - they can put the sender's email address in to the whitelist or exceptions list in the outlook rules.

You can also set most antivirus/antimailware  to catech them as well - Although I don't normally suggest using this method.
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Guy LidbetterCommented:
Hi Rafael... exactly as I stated, Messagelabs does exactly that.

Your external MX record will point to a Messagelabs cluster, which will do all as above, and then a connector will send it to your Mail Server.
Outgoing mail from you will be sent via a send connector to Messagelabs for branding and filtering then go out to the world.
Another 3rd party mail filtering company is AppRiver.  They are fantastic folks to work with, provide 7x24x365 support.  They scan for SPAM and viruses before it reaches the mail server.  I have all my customers running through AppRiver, whether the mail server is in-house or hosted.

Just my 2 cents.
mkramer777Author Commented:
So how would I used something like AppRiver with my current hosted email company?  Ask them to install this for me on their server side?
madunix (Fadi SODAH)Chief Information Security Officer Commented:
I would check McAfee, Symantec or Sophos AS solution also spamtitan could be an option.
Guy LidbetterCommented:
No - you open an account with AppRiver and speak to your hosted company about setting up Recieve and Send connectors to them. You then have your external MX record point to AppRivver as opposed to your mail provider.

Your mail provider should be well familiar with this type of service.


Guy LidbetterCommented:
McAffe, Symantec and Sophos all run as an API on the mail server, this is a hosted mail environment so probably not an option....
mkramer777Author Commented:
I have SOPHOS as our antivirus solution.  Can I use this to filter email?
AppRiver can be very easy to setup.  You contact them (even for a 30-day trial).  They will create your account at AppRiver, and show you how to add users.  They then provide you with instructions on modifying your DNS records.... basically changing your MX records to point to the AppRiver servers.  Then it is a matter of waiting for the DNS to propagate.  Your mail host needs to do nothing if you are filtering inbound mail only.  All you are doing is telling the Internet that "to send mail to me.... go here..." where the "here" is AppRiver.  Once they filter out all the junk, they forward the mail directly to your mail server (hosted or internal).  

The other benefit of this service is when there is an mail server outage.  AppRiver will queue the mail for delivery once the mail server is back on-line.  Thus, no lost mail.
mkramer777Author Commented:
Can you purchase appriver for just a few users?
I tried AppRiver but found the costs to be to much $$$ for just a few users.
mkramer777Author Commented:
So how much for spam soap?
Correct.  AppRiver has a minimum charge.  Most of my customers are under the 50 user minimum, but the service is well worth it.
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