How to setup an Cisco Aironet 1142 WAP for a guest network

We have about 12 CIsco aironet WAP in our network. All bridged together.
DHCP on the server is running out of IP addresses.
IS there a way to set a guest SSID on the WAP and set a different IP range? its not a router so I'm guessing no.

I'm thinking that I would have to setup another router in the server room and add another switch and place new WAP's for external Internet for the guests?
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Craig BeckCommented:
The APs support 802.1Q and multiple SSIDs.  If your switches also support 802.1Q you could create a new VLAN on the switch, add a new SSID to the AP and attach it to a new VLAN on the APs.

The easiest way to get it to work then would be to put a new router (with DHCP server) on that VLAN and connect it directly to your internet circuit.
BBraytonAuthor Commented:
ok thanks ill give that a try
BBraytonAuthor Commented:
Worked for me
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