Ubuntu on Hyper-V server NIC card disabled post restart.

I have setup an Ubuntu VM on a 2012 hyper-v host, and unlike its Windows counter parts on the same host, it has a strange issue, where it will disable the NIC card or wired connection every time I restart the VM.  I have to Hyper-v console to it and flip the GUI switch to on again.  What gives?  How do I get it to stop doing this?  Note I have just updated all of its built in software via the auto updater.

Thanks for the help.
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You probably need to enable the integration services in your VM. Edit the /etc/initramfs-tools/modules file and add the following at the bottom of it (provided those aren't already there):


then run:

sudo update-initramfs –u

and after that reboot.

This also allows you to use better display resolutions than the default you get.
CnicNVAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info.  I tried what you suggested and it didn't work for the network issue, but it did make the screen resolution better.  

What I ended up doing was two fold...

First:  I had to check the checkbox under the wired connection to "connect automatically"
Second:  Since I was there, I also checked "Available to all users"

This got the NIC to stay online and ping'able through the restart process.

Thanks anyway :-)
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