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cameras, service and logistics for a unique cctv need

We are a small marketing and web dev agency and we are opening a satellite office across the country with the creative element on one office and the dev in the satellite. To better promote company unity we want to install an audio and video cctv system in the common spaces in both offices so we have some actual interaction aside form video conferencing. This service needs to stream in real time and we need to to be able to feed to monitors on the opposite end. Any ideas? this is completely outside my wheelhouse
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Depending on how much money you want to spend this could be anything from just some Skype (or WebEx) connected computers with webcams streaming via your regular run-off-the-mill internet, to dedicated network cameras or Polycom units connected within your company VPN network, to specialized Cisco Telepresence solution running over some dedicated E100 circuits. Keep in mind that streaming video 24/7 eats up a lot of bandwidth, so one thing you'd have to consider the capacity and cost of your internet circuits and both locations.

Neat thing about using something generic like WebEx is that any of your remote/travelling workers might be able to join into the "rooms" as well, to observe and participate, whenever they felt like it. The drawback is, of course, reliability - a consumer web-conferencing session could always disconnect or time-out and someone would have to go to the system to restart it.

Since there are so many variables (cost, internet circuit capacity, etc), I would suggest reaching out to a local company specializing in teleconferencing/conference room setups for some proposals. You might be able to get an initial evaluation and proposal for free, just to get a ballpark at what can be done, or how much it would cost you.
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It can not be explained it here as limits of EE comment section,I recommend you a web site and broadcast engineer with skype :altinbasnadir for feasibilty work of unique CCTV and related equipment



We would like something reliable, easy to manage and as constant as possible. Thats why I'm trying to steer clear of Skype and maybe something similar to a security system with audio and really nice cameras. budget is as cheap as possible but around 5-7k is about the max.
Unfortunately, with that tight of a budget you'll have to settle for something from the "economy" range of the CCTV systems. A small Honeywell NVR with channel adapters and licenses will run you over $15K, and that's not including the cameras (about $700 each from same vendor), audio equipment and displays on each end. You may be able to get a streaming-only solution cheaper (saving costs on NVR for footage storage), but with this not being a true CCTV setup in a sense that the "circuit" is not "closed" - you will still need something with brains on each end to send the signal over the internet, so there may be additional costs involved with server and networking equipment. Your needs seem to better fit Telepresence, rather than CCTV usecase.

I would really encourage you to reach out to a local video-conferencing vendor to see what they can suggest. I think that something along the lines of two Polycom units, one on each end, attached to some HDTVs with built-in speakers is probably your best bet, at this price (Polycoms can also be remote controlled, so people on each end can pan and tilt the camera around, if that's something that may be useful there). The only thing to figure out would be maintaining the open connection (auto-dialing and auto-answering). I bet that you can get a free consultation/proposal from a local telepresence vendor with just a phone-call and maybe a site visit.