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SMTP Email Software with Queue Management

Hi Team,

I'm looking for an email software I can install in one of my servers to serve as an SMTP Gateway with queue management.
I have a few internal application servers that send thousands of email daily, these emails are usually routed directly to my Spam Firewall and then sent out. The problem that I have is that my spam firewall is getting flooded and I have no way to manage the queues or set priorities for certain email to be release before other less important emails. I'm looking for a software that I can install in a server where I have more control over queue's and priorities.

Using this configuration, all my application servers will point to the new mail server where I can control the queues and the mail server will then send to the smtp gateway.

Can you guys give me any recommendations on this?

Thank you!
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Queue management is genric property of any MTA aka mailserver.