Help querying SQL from Excel for value based on value

I have a spreadsheet the I need to pull in data from a MS SQL server. I need the "LastCheck" column populated by the SQL based upon the value in the Excel "Sample" field. This will be a 'like' search as the values will not be exact.

I need all items on the Excel sheet to pull in the "LastCheck" column  from SQL. If no data in SQL to either leave blank or some filler.

Here is a sample of the Excel sheet:

Model      Sample      Last Check      FM      Last Event                              Notes
ABC       28          3/3/2015        Yes      <<Read data from SQL>>      Good
CDE              40          2/23/2015      Yes      <<Read data from SQL>>      Needs work
EFG       43          3/3/2015        No      <<Read data from SQL>>      Still in review
HIJ         26          3/3/2015        No      <<Read data from SQL>>      Blah
JKL        27          3/2/2015        No      <<Read data from SQL>>      More info requried
MNO      44          2/19/2015      No      <<Read data from SQL>>      Ok
OPQ      15          1/29/2015      No      <<Read data from SQL>>      Good
QRS       20          1/21/2015      No      <<Read data from SQL>>      Check this too

Sample from SQL
Caption                                  LastCheck
Sample_0001                        4/24/2014 9:10
Sample_0003                         7/29/2014 0:20
Sample_0004 Jeans_1058      10/26/2014 18:39
Sample_0005 Jeans_9286      3/5/2015 21:01
Sample_0006 Jeans_1051      3/5/2015 2:35
Sample_0007 Jeans_1304      10/22/2014 18:53
Sample_0008 Jeans_1306      3/3/2015 19:00
Sample_0009 Jeans_1307      2/20/2015 19:48
Sample_0010 Jeans_1308      2/20/2015 19:53
Sample_0011 Jeans_9288      2/20/2015 18:54
Sample_0012 Jeans_1302      2/24/2015 16:49
Sample_0013 Socks                 2/25/2015 17:00
Sample_0014 Jeans_513      2/26/2015 11:36
Sample_0015                        3/2/2015 17:44
Sample_0016 Shoes_409      1/29/2015 19:37
Sample_0017 Shoes_777      2/26/2015 13:44
Sample_0019 Shoes_835      2/25/2015 22:00
Sample_0020 Shoes_424      2/23/2015 20:48
Sample_0021 Shoes_688      8/25/2014 16:40
Sample_0022 Shoes_822      3/6/2015 15:02
Sample_0023 Shoes_556      8/21/2014 14:46
Sample_0024 Shoes_573      2/7/2015 1:51
Sample_0025 Nose_597        12/4/2014 21:06
Sample_0026 Shoes_790      8/21/2014 23:52

I have attached a sample spreadsheet. Sheet1 has the normal data, sheet2 contains sample data from SQL.
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Saurabh Singh TeotiaCommented:
I solved this in column-g

I believe this is what you are looking for...

edrz01Author Commented:
Great job!!!!!
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