How to allocate disk 0 unallocated space from disk1.

Dear ALL

I urgently need you help. i am running out space on Disk 0 which is NTFS primary disk setup as basic disk. its a C: drive which has system and boot files.  

i then have Disk 1 setup as NTFS basic as D: which has 5 partition labeled as A, B, E, F, G and have enough free space  i have shrieked  one of the partition B on disk 1 to get some free space which is unallocated partition. i can only allocate this unallocated partition to the same partition B.

C is grayed out so i can use the extend volume.  i have tried few software and command prompt diskpart but no luck.

any good suggestion please
CJIT Consultant Asked:
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You  can only extend a partition if the free space is on the same disk as that partition.

I suggest you use the cleanup wizard to remove files which aren't necessary, and also delete the contents of C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Downloads. If after that you still don't have enough free space on C:\, uninstall software and install it to another partition on another disk. You can also (or rather should) move any data files from C: to another loaction. Data doesn't belong on C:\. Then you can also change the pagefile to be only 256MB in size on C:, and create a system managed pagefile on another partition. Also make sure you set up your system to only create small memory dumps, and not full ones, and disable hibernation. After that your C: disk should be more than large enough.

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Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
how big is C?
can you post a screenshot of disk management?
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
As said you cannot allocate space from one HDD to another one. Only if you use dynamic drives and then expand option. But this leads you to a complicated solution.
Better if you move some databases from C to D or any other partitions. Or map the folders on C to D.
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CJIT Consultant Author Commented:
Thank you all. That's all i wanted to know if there is way to increase.  The reasons C: drive gets full up is because of IMAP OST files which is saved by default on c driver for remote users i am trying to find way around it. rest all program and data folders are on different drives. i was looking for help if there is way of increasing the size not making space on c drive.
You don't need OST files, just disable cached mode in Outlook so they don't get created. OST files only make any sense for laptops that don't always have a network connection. In any other situation all they do is waste diskspace and network IO.
CJIT Consultant Author Commented:
ok many thanks i will try that and let you know
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
I have recently removed the ost files from a c drive on a PC of my colleague because she was suffering from exactly the same problem.
I moved them to different drive using a guide I found in google search.
CJIT Consultant Author Commented:
thanks noxcho i have been looking for that guide but cannot find it as the suggestion i found on Google doesn't work. any link ?

rindi where exactly should i disable the cache and should i do it before creating the account or after account is created ?
As I haven't used outlook for a long time, I don't remember the exact location of the setting, and it may have changed with the newer versions anyway. But it was somewhere in the account's properties/settings. You can set that setting when you setup Outlook for the account, or also later.

Personally I'd also not have the user profiles on C: anyway, but rather somewhere else.
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
As to dynamic disks span function that someone mentioned it's not available for C: for the simple reason that a defrag may relocate the dynamic disk driver to the second disk and then it would be in a catch-22 situation of needing the driver to be loaded to access the concatenated partition but the driver it needs is on the concatenated partition.
My first comment should be accepted, it correctly says that it isn't possible to add space to C: from another disk.
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