Remove disk from windows2003

i am trying to remove a lun disk  from windows2003 server.  Have windows2003 attached to a LUN. The lun is connected to SAN using ms iscsi inititaor.
I issued mountvol F: /D , hoping to remove the disk from the server.
it only removes the drive letter, but the disk is there whithout the drive letter.
How to remove this disk from the server?
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In that case then SAN storage must stop presenting that LUN it to your server.
It is normal for clients to not have control over what is presented to them.  
I think it is to simplify LUN management, all controlled from the SAN instead of having all these hurdles in the clients.
Open up Microsoft iSCSI Initiator in All Programs.
Depending on if this is the only iSCSI disk you have you can remove things from the various tabs in the tool.
If this is the only disk you can hit Remove on the Discovery tab.
If you want to keep other iSCSI disks, then look at the other tabs and figure out which Target is the disk you want to remove.
Sorry I cant be more specific since my use case for this is linked to VEA and as such my target lists are impossible to read, yours may be better.
sara2000Author Commented:
the san storage has several luns for this server, that is ,lun1, lun2 and lun3 are attached to this serverA.
if i remove the target then rest of the luns will be disconnected.
i only want to remove one lun1
sara2000Author Commented:
i had to deny access at SAN for the esxi and remove the san from the esxi.
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