How do I make two conditions in an Access Query

Not Like "FFF*" Or Not Like "PHARMEDIUM*"

I am trying to exclude two vendors from an access query.  If I do a not like for one or each of these, it seems to work but if I combine, it does not.  I tried () but not sure I am placing correctly.  Can any one suggest a change above that would work for both when running???
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vpopperAuthor Commented:
Also, there could be different variations of the vendor name - this is why I used the *
ie. Pharmedium, Pharmedium LTD, Pharmedium Company
Not Like "FFF*" Or Not Like "PHARMEDIUM*"
1. You need to understand Boolean logic.  a <> b or a <> c is ALWAYS true because a cannot be equal to both b and c at the same time unless b and c are equal to each other.  To make this work, you need to use AND rather than OR as the relational operator because you want BOTH statements to be true, not just one of them.

2. I see that you are using the * as a wild card but I just wanted to emphasize that you should NOT use LIKE when you actually have a complete value because in many cases LIKE forces a full table scan and prevents the query engine from optimizing the query.

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vpopperAuthor Commented:
I tried that already and did not work  I solved by using this:
Not Like "FFF*" and Not Like "PHARMEDIUM*"

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vpopperAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

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Solved this myself
Isn't that what I said?  You may have solved it yourself also, but you did get the correct answer from my post.
Tony PittCommented:
If you want to combine two negated conditions, then you need to negate a combined condition.  So what you want is something like "Not (Like "FFF" or Like "PHARMEDIUM").  Note that the brackets are important here.

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