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How do I make two conditions in an Access Query

Not Like "FFF*" Or Not Like "PHARMEDIUM*"

I am trying to exclude two vendors from an access query.  If I do a not like for one or each of these, it seems to work but if I combine, it does not.  I tried () but not sure I am placing correctly.  Can any one suggest a change above that would work for both when running???
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Also, there could be different variations of the vendor name - this is why I used the *
ie. Pharmedium, Pharmedium LTD, Pharmedium Company
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I tried that already and did not work  I solved by using this:
Not Like "FFF*" and Not Like "PHARMEDIUM*"

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Solved this myself
Isn't that what I said?  You may have solved it yourself also, but you did get the correct answer from my post.
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Tony Pitt

If you want to combine two negated conditions, then you need to negate a combined condition.  So what you want is something like "Not (Like "FFF" or Like "PHARMEDIUM").  Note that the brackets are important here.