Anyone use code 42 for server backup?

I'd like opinions on this company, they seem great price and value...

Anyone else use them for server cloud backup?

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It's a nice product but works only for backing up individual files, which it does do very well. Just don't expect it to be able to restore an entire OS or any sort of metadata that is not cleanly represented by files on the filesystem. E.g. it can't make granular backups or restoration of Active Directory, SQL Server, Exchange Server, or any sort of database application.

If you automate a line-of-business application's backup strategy you can use CrashPlan to make a backup of the backup (e.g. if you use Quickbooks, you can use the built-in quickbooks backup feature to schedule and create QBB backup files, and then use CrashPlan to make backups of the QBB files).

It works nicely for backing backups of the content of a small fileserver (<2TB of data). I would be uncomfortable scaling it any larger than that, though.

Also, if you're using CrashPlan PRO, consider how long it will take to perform a restoration of your data.
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