Backup Exec 2010 Drive Selection not Showing

Hi I am having trouble with one of my resources in backup exec 2010.  When I browse the selection list to the server I want to back up, I see every local drive and share but 1.  So far I have uninstalled the remote agent on the server and reinstalled it.  The drive still doesnt show up.  Is there something specific to the drive that is preventing this from listing itself?
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NVITEnd-user supportCommented:
For the one you can't see, can you see it from Windows Explorer?
diesel1218Author Commented:
Yes I can see it from windows explorer and access it's share through out the network.  Just doesnt show up in backup exec, but shares and drives on the same sever do.
NVITEnd-user supportCommented:
If that drive is a map of a share, have you tried re-doing or making another map drive pointing to the same share?
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diesel1218Author Commented:
I mean I could try making another share but the local disk that the share is on doesnt even show up.  So I figured that wouldnt make much sense.
NVITEnd-user supportCommented:
OK. So it's a local drive that doesn't show. Hmm... How about
SUBST NewDvLtr: TroubleDvLtr:\

Open in new window

diesel1218Author Commented:
what is that?  Not sure what that command is?
NVITEnd-user supportCommented:
It maps a virtual drive letter to an existing drive:\folder.
Try it on a workstation. See how it works.
diesel1218Author Commented:
Okay I will have to try this on Monday and let you know if it works.
NVITEnd-user supportCommented:
Good luck.

FYI: SUBST maps the drive for the current user per station. i.e. User1 will have his set of SUBST'd drives. And the admin will have his own set. Each user can't see the other user's drives.
diesel1218Author Commented:
Okay so maybe this isnt a good idea because this is a drive on a server that I am trying to backup.
Seen this on Symantec System Restore 2010 and below.

If the local drive is of 4k sector(advanced format) and not 512e,the backup up program won't see the local disk.

Sounds like the same issue.
diesel1218Author Commented:
Its a 512.
512 native or emulated?

What version of BE (r2 ,r3)
diesel1218Author Commented:
Disk Info
On BE 2010 SP1
diesel1218Author Commented:
I seem to have found a way to bypass this by manually adding the share path in BE, it is backing it up right now it seems.  Just odd the BE doesnt see it like the rest.

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The not supported pretty much says it's an 4096 disk and probably won't work directly with BE 2010 as a local drive.

As for your version of BE,I see a service pack 4 out there ,and given the bugginess of Symantec products ,may fix your issue.(or break something else).
diesel1218Author Commented:
Any idea where I download the service packs?  Live update doesnt push out anything anymore.  I am on version 13 Rev 2896
diesel1218Author Commented:
Fixed on own
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