SBS 2011 Data Collection Service Excessive Memory Usage

I have a medical office facility that has a Dell Windows SBS 2011 server with SQL 2008.  They are using an SQL based patient scheduling app.  At times, they complain that when they are in certain functions in that app on the client PC's that the app freezes up.  An look at the Task Manager shows a process called "DataCollectorSvc.exe" labeled as "Windows SBS 2011 Standard Monitoring Data Collection Service" is taking about 15GB's of the total 32 GB memory installed.  

I'm going to start doing regular scheduled restarts on this server to try and alleviate this issues, but does it sound right that the Data Collection Service should be taking that much memory?  Could this process be not properly releasing memory?

They don't use the Exchange portion of the SBS so I have stopped all the Exchange processes.  They are not hosting any local web sites or FTP usage or RDP via the server, but all the IIS stuff is still running.

Any suggestions?

Michael EbbesonOwner, PGM TechAsked:
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
The normal solution is to just disable the service.. you will lose the fancy reporting but you will save a lot of resources
This was previously covered in this post
Michael EbbesonOwner, PGM TechAuthor Commented:
Thanks David for the info.
I went to the Services and stopped the "Windows Manager Service" then disabled it on start up.

Too bad the "Data Collection Service" is really known as the "Windows Manager Service."

I guess they have to make it just a little challenging or everybody would be doing this stuff.

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