Need help overriding an Asterisk (*) in CSS

Hi - I am using some jquery code I found that is working exactly as I want, however the problem is formatting.   The jquery is highlighting (in white) the column and row as the user hovers over each cell.

On my work systems, I inherit some css that I cannot avoid, one of the rules is an asterisk (*) on font color. As part of the highlighting, I want to change the font color to red.  However, I can't find a way to overwrite the *.  I've tried several things unsuccessfully.  When I Inspect the element, it shows that the hover rule is in place, but when I view the "computed" styles, the hover color is faded out, and the * rule is shown to be in place.  

I've put my code on jsfiddle.  Note, I've consolidated the css code into this file, but in reality the * is coming from a linked css file.

As you view the Results, you see the color of the font does not change.  I want it to change to red (ED0000).

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Chris StanyonCommented:
You're going to need to rethink your code here. The <col> tag really only responds to a very few styles: border, background, width, visibilty. Color isn't one of them.

Re-write your code to add the hover class to each <td>. Something like this:

$('td').hover(function() {
    var col = $(this).index() + 1;
    var table = $(this).parents('table');
    $('tr>td:nth-child('+col+')', table).toggleClass('hover');

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Working demo:
sjsimpson2000Author Commented:
Thanks, Chris - I'll be looking at this in detail later today, and will let you know how it goes.
sjsimpson2000Author Commented:
Hi Chris, I attempted to make the changes you suggested but my programming skills are pretty sparse, so I was unsuccessful.  I was able to do some changes to other parts of the css get the effect I wanted, and as I was on a tight deadline I needed to keep the project moving.  Thanks anyway.
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