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Help me in this HTML to wordpress integration

Hello i am new into implementing HTML and set a WORDPRESS theme but however i am get succeed to make basic configuration however i do stuck on the best practice to make this HTML website feeds from page and posts of WORDPRESS

basically i do have these basics structures

1- main page (frontpage)
i have succeeded to convert the header , main content and the footer
2- Services
have different page that frontage it contains these following
a- main image
b- icons that serves as links to similar submenu
c-about 8 images that shows services
d-a loop of posts that contains icon, short description, rest of the content

Here is the screenshot so what is behind the concept how can i manage to make it as wordpress best practice!!

User generated image
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for more info when pressing for example residential icons seen in the screenshot the page goes to residential same layout page with different contents and i post in the previous post what the dynamics in it
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wordpress and frontpage are two entirely different animals.. you have a cat and want to add a tigers tail?
If I was you I'd forget frontpage as it is no longer supported and getting someone to host a website with frontpage extensions is getting harder and harder to find.

Wordpress Hosting is on the other hand very available
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Thanks for your reply what i meant is main page it is called front page and not the microsoft frontpage so if there any other serious programer can help i would be grateful
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