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My OS is win 7 prof 64 bit and i have a flash drive, which shows up as G drive.  Sometimes before shut down or during inactivity, I forget to unplug this drive.  In order to avoid, this I would like to be accessible only by the Administrator who signs into the PC.  Can someone please show me the steps to achieve this. Thank u.
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You can protect the contents of the flash drive with simple NTFS permissions.  If it is not NTFS then either convert it or find a third party encryption program.
To use NTFS permissions just right click the disk in Explorer and choose Properties, then the Security tab.
Be careful here as you can lock yourself out.  But its not permanant since as an admin you can take ownership of it again and fix the permissions.
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Right click on the drive|Security. . Click separately on all but Administrator|Edit| and uncheck all privileges.
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It is a really bad idea to log onto any PC with an Account that has Administrative rights. You should only logon as a standard user. If anything needs Administrative rights, UAC will popup and you can run that program as an Admin. It is only very seldomly required to actually logon with the Account that has Admin rights, the only situation I can think of right now is to update Java Runtime.

In NTFS security you can limit access to a specific user account, so that doesn't have to be an Admin, it can also be a standard user, and you can deny access to other users.
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again to go with your other question the only way is to encrypt the drive (Truecrypt) .. You could use the EFS (encrypting file system) that is built in but I've lost data using it but never with truecrypt .. Though I did have to write a note to myself about the file itself so I wouldn't forget about it..


thank u for your suggestion.