Can't pass the proper value to the linq query variable.

Hi Experts,

ABCEntities Context = new ABCEntities();

                int val = int.Parse(workOrderDropDownList.SelectedValue.ToString());

                var woDateQuery = (from p in Context.WOes
                                  where p.WorkOrder == val
                                  select p.Date);
                dateRequestedLabel.Text = woDateQuery.ToString();

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When I run this query, instead of getting a date as anticipated, I get what appears to be a version of the query:

The dateRequestedLabel reads: "SELECT [Extent1].[Date] AS [Date] FROM [dbo].[WO] AS [Extent1] WHERE [Extent1].[WorkOrder] = @p__linq__0"

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Kyle AbrahamsSenior .Net DeveloperCommented:
Should have mentioned before . . . it doesn't know that p.WorkOrder (I'm guessing) is a unique / primary key.

woDateQuery is a queryResult, which could contain 1 or more records.  Imagine a status history table where you had columns date, status, workorder . . . linq doesn't know you're only expecting 1 result

                dateRequestedLabel.Text = woDateQuery.FirstOrDefault().Date.ToString();

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Lokesh B RDeveloperCommented:

Check query result for NULL and assign the value to avoid Error.

var woDateQuery = (from p in Context.WOes
                                  where p.WorkOrder == val
                                  select p.Date);

if(woDateQuery.FirstOrDefault() != null)
      dateRequestedLabel.Text = woDateQuery.FirstOrDefault().Date.ToString();

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Fernando SotoRetiredCommented:
Hi WhyDidntItWork;

The query that you posted has not yet executed and the reason why you are seeing the query that will be sent to the SQL server, once you cause the query to be enumerated over that query will return a collection of objects and NOT a single instance of an object. If you are expecting a single object to be return then you need to pull that object out of the collection and assign it to a variable. The code snippet below should do what you need.

// The query retuning a single object of date or null
var woDateQuery = (from p in Context.WOes
                   where p.WorkOrder == val
                   select p.Date).FirstOrDefault();

// Set up a variable that will a string version of a DateTime object
string woDateStr = "Returned an empty Collection";
// Test to see if a value was returned and if so fill the woDateStr variable
if( woDateQuery != null )
    woDateStr = woDateQuery.ToString();

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WhyDidntItWorkAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help.  Much appreciated.
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