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Office 2013 Home & Business - license numbers won't show on Office Online

I have a couple of clients that don't need anything more than MS Office Home & Business 2013 but each time we purchase a new copy of the software we get the license and then we register it with a microsoft email address. Now, in this customers case, we have about 15 licenses. Over the last couple of months, machines got swapped around, we had to reinstall a few, etc. and now, I've lost track of a couple of them.

So getting on to Office Online with the registered email address that I used for all 15 copies, I see that there is no way of telling which copy to use for which machine as the license keys don't show up.

I am just reinstalling one of the laptops and I am stuck because I have no idea which license to chose from Office Online

My process;
1. insert my MS Office H&B USB key with the ISO and run the install
2. type in the license key (that I have documented but not exactly sure because of the switching of machines)
3. the install goes online and I have to log in with the account
4. once confirmed that I'm using the correct account, the Office Online brings me up to a screen asking me to choose your product. This is where I have 15 different items, all the same thing. I have no idea which one is which.

So, I'm sure I can't be the only one with this problem. How do I resolve which license is which? My concern is that we are using the same license on two machines and now, the 'other' machine may throw up a red flag.

Just a side note, I purchased these licenses from and 'every' single time I finish the install and activate the license, I have to do the phone call activation. Any idea on that? When I first started using that company to purchase software, I call MS and asked them if they were legit and they said that the keys that I was getting were good.
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Office 2013 subscription model does not maintain a regular office key on the machine so far as I know. It is not on my machine and Recover Keys cannot find it.

It is maintained in the Account section online at Microsoft when you log in.

So at a given machine, you should be able to log into the Microsoft account and see what subscriptions are available to the machine. It will show the name of the computer, so you will know.
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I'm having a tough time finding that information unfortunately
I log into my account (userid and password) and it shows me all the information. So for a small number of machines, and that the information is lost, you need to log in to the subscriptions you have and see what you can find.

You should be able to log in on a working machine. If not, and if you have lost the logins, you will need to ask Microsoft Sales Support (Call the Microsoft Store and ask for technical help on sales).
this is the site that I log into to get my licenses
I click on My Account and it shows me all the Office Home and Business 2013 items but no licenses or no machine names that they were installed on.
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Ok, I follow you now. I was hoping that this site would give me a listing of all the licenses that I've registered under it and possibly the machine name that they were attached to. I guess that isn't something that I will see then
@johnny181 - Thanks and I was happy to help.