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ms access Account Statement Balance

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Dear All,

I have several tables, the tables in question and needs attention as follows:

1- tblContract (PK Contract_Ref_ID)
2- tblSchdule (FK Contract_Ref_ID) : Table contains Fields (Contract_REF_ID, PaymentNumber, DueDate, AmountDue ... and other fields)
3- tblPayment (FK Contract_Ref_ID) : Table contains all payment made by client such as (Rent, Insurance, Utilities...etc)m and this table having the field (Contract_REF_ID, PaidDate, PaidAmount , PayType .. and other fields)

I am having an issue to build an account statements (Similar to Bank Statement Account) that includes the following fields and demonstrated as follows:

Date                      Credit                Debit              Balance
11/01/2015              0.00                 11.11                -11.11         (Debit Side always from tblSchdule)
12/01/2015              11.11                0.00                   0.00          (Credit Side always from tblPayment)
15/01/2015              55.55                0.00                  55.55
11/02/2015              0.00                 11.11                 44.44
... etc

I would greatly appreciate your help to solve this issue.

In advance Thanks a millions.
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Try this -

SELECT DueDate, PaidDate, NZ(AmountDue, 0)  AS Debit, NZ(PaidAmount ,0) AS Credit,   NZ(PaidAmount ,0)  - NZ(AmountDue, 0)   AS Balance
FROM  (tblContract c LEFT JOIN tblSchdule s ON c.Contract_Ref_ID = s.Contract_Ref_ID) LEFT JOIN tblPayment p ON p.Contract_Ref_ID = c.Contract_Ref_ID

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Dear mbizup,

Many Thanks for your participation and cooperation.

Having apply and try provided code, the results showing a duplication for each records. For your easy reference, the attached image illustrates the sample records from  both tables and the result of provided code.

Thanks and regards


Dear Jim Horn

As a new user into ExperExchange, this is first time I know it, Thanks for pointing.

Rest assured,  I will take into consideration in the future post.

Best regards.