Can I have one Office 365 Business Premium licence and three O365 Business Essentials licences all on the one account?

Microsoft licencing has put my head in a spin. I can't get enough clarity from Microsoft so I'll give EE a shot. I want to tidy up my Office 365 for business situation. I'm a single user running my own small business from my home office. I only need one Office 365 Business Premium account but I want more than one email addresses. Microsoft say I would need to buy two O365 Business Premium licences to get 2 email accounts. This would be a stupidly expensive solution. I figured out the only solution was to have the one O365 BP account and also buy one O365 Business Essentials licence. Sometimes it seems this is allowed and sometimes not.

I already have 4 Exchange online licences as well as a separate Office 365 Small Business Premium account. Surely there is some way to have only one account. It seems to me the simplest solution would be to upgrade one of the Exchange licences to O365 Business Premium and leave the remaining 3 licences as O365 Business Essentials. Is this possible?  Microsoft seem to be saying it's not.
Martin CampbellAsked:
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You can only have one email address for one subscription. There is no way around this. Why do you need two addresses for 1 subscription. Just leave it at one. I have Office 2013 subscription running and that is the way it works.

You can use a second email address for other things. I do this as well.

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Martin CampbellAuthor Commented:
Thanks John. You couldn't have put it more clearly. It's a pity Microsoft couldn't have it put so clearly in the first place.  
OK the 4 email addresses are overkill. But basically I have 2 domains for 2 different businesses. So please tell me if there is anything wrong with the following plan.
1. Phase out 2 of the 4 email accounts on my Exchange Online Plan 1 account.
2. Buy one subscription to Office 365 Business Essentials.
3. Move one of the 2 remaining email accounts from the Exchange Online Plan 1 account to the new Office 365 Business Essentials subscription.
4. Upgrade the Exchange Online Plan 1 account to Office 365 Business Premium.

Do tell me if I should just give you the 500 points and move this part to another question. If so, what should the question be to make sure you see it?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I read through your email. I think you are saying you are having two Office licenses: 1 for each business, and one Business essentials and the other Business premium. Is this correct?  If so it should work.
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Martin CampbellAuthor Commented:
Thanks a million
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
@Martin Campbell  - You are very welcome and I was happy to help.
Martin CampbellAuthor Commented:
Hi John,
I got a call from Microsoft today. I now have exactly what I wanted in the first place at a reasonable price. I have one Office 365 Business Premium subscription and 3 mailboxes in total all on the one account. One mailbox is in the O365 BP subscription and the other 2 mailboxes are in Exchange Online (Plan 1). Nice and simple. I think my possible lack of clarity was to do with terminology. The terms subscription, account, licence, mailbox and domain are now a little clearer to me. It would be nice to have clear definitions of each from Microsoft themselves. Here is a screenshot of my account Capture.JPG
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Thanks for the update. When I do conversions and annualize, it look similar to what I see here.
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