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How can I maintain some of the quality of an Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 file when I choose “save for web”?

How can I maintain some of the quality of an Adobe Illustrator file when I choose “save for web”? The art work was created in Adobe Illustrator, so it is starting out with ultimate quality. When I save as a PGN-24 or GIF file, it turns out looking very fuzzy. Where am I going wrong? Save as something else? Import into something else ( In Design, Photoshop, etc.) and then save?
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You can use svg, which is a vector format and will keep all the details.

That being said, a PNG-24 should be all nice and crisp unless re-sized. Can you post a sample file where the export is fuzzy?
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer
Saving as a GIF always cuts the number of colors down to a maximum of 255.  Modern cards do 16 million colors or more so there is generally a major quality dropoff when saving in GIF format.

"Save for Web" does what Adobe calls "optimization" of the output file.  The "optimization" reduces the file size but also reduces the quality.  If you want the best quality in the output file, (a) do not use "Save for Web", (b) save using the standard method, and (c) output as a standard PNG-24.

This is what I got using File->Export using the graphic from your previous Q. No apparent fuzziness.
jampostGeneral Maanager


Thank you  Dan Craciun  and  DrKlahn. Both svg & png without saving for web worked great.