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How do I correct scrambled screen on Remote Desktop connect ?

I have a scrambled screen when connecting via RWW. My windows 7 workstations show up fine but when i connect to the server .
The screen looks like the attached .
The task bar shows on the top of the screen
my mouse controls are reversed and except for a few windows , SBS , Active directory etc .. there is  no way to really work with the desktop .
I am accessing through a virtualbox version of IE10 running on a Mac.
Thanks for your help
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Open Remote Desktop Connection and click on Show Options. Then go to the Experience tab.
You can try manually setting the connection speed. Also, unticking the Persistent bitmap caching box sometimes helps.


How does this affect remote web workplace?

"Caching bitmap means, that images and other bitmap resources are locally stored on the client computer for reusing them later. This way, the remote server or PC doesn't send images twice reducing the amout of data sent and saving your bandwith usage.

The option makes particulary sense for slow (low bandwidth) connections, less if you connect to a machine in the same local area network.

If you enable the option, the Remote Desktop client caches bitmaps into a BMC file located on the client hard disk in (example for Windows XP)"


this is not a connection through RDP it is through RWW through internet explorer to remote.mycompany.com
My apologies.
I read "Remote Desktop" in the question title and didn't pick up in the question that it was in fact RWW.
Have you added the server's IP or machine name to Trusted sites on the Security tab of IE10's Internet Options in the virtualbox client?

That's the easiest way to ensure IE10 is allowing use of the ActiveX control that RWW requires.

You should also be able to adjust the connection speed using a drop-down menu on the RWW logon dialog, similar to the RDP options mentioned by akb...  i.e. try choosing a slower speed than you actually have, to mitigate any network congestion issues, if adding the server (or other remote machine) to Trusted sites has no effect.
I rebooted and then recreated the iconcache.db and it fixed the issue


It solved the issue