Hyper-V Management from a Win8.1 Pro PC (No Domain) With User converted to MS Account

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I have a hyper-v server 2012 (core) running at home for testing various things, no domain, and it was working and connecting fine from the Win8.1 Pro machine, until I  was more or less forced to convert the local login on that client management machine to a MS Account. Now I can't connect and can't figure out if it's possible, and if it's not possible like that, what in the heck to do now?
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Muhammad MullaSystems AdministratorCommented:
Are you able to create another local account on the server?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Also in Windows 8.1 and on your Server, go to PC Settings, Users and convert your email account to local.  I use Local accounts only on Windows 8.1 and Server 2012.
networknAuthor Commented:
john: There are a number of things that don't work nicely if you don't have your login set to MS Account in W8.1 which is why I converted it.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Everything I do works great with local accounts. What does not work for you?
When you click on the "Hyper-V manager", do that by right clicking, then you can use "Run as Administrator". Now you can enter the user account and password you want to open the manager with.
networknAuthor Commented:
rindi: tried that same error which is:

An Error occurred while attempting to connect to server hyperv2012. Check that the Virtual Machine Management service is running and that you are authorized to connect to the server. You do not have the required persmission to complete this tasks. Contact the administrator of the authorization policy for the computer hyperv2012.

I got it working with 5nines free console because it allows me to specify credentials each time I connect and doesn't assume to use the ones I am currently logged in as.
You probably have to logon using this "ServerName\UserName" as the user account, not just the user name.
networknAuthor Commented:
I am not being prompted for a username and password. I got prompted once and since then nothing. If I could get a prompt, I could probably work it out.
Then your M$ account is probably also an Admin account! Never ever use an Admin Account for normal PC work. Create another Account (local) on the PC that is an Admin Account, then change your M$ account to a standard account. Now whenever you run something "As Administrator", you will be asked for credentials.

There are really only very few cases when you actually have to logon to the PC using an Admin account, the only one I can think of is when you update java!
networknAuthor Commented:
I have no desire to change my account to a non administrator account,  is there no way for me to get this working? Seems insane that a third party product works but the MS apps won't.

It prompted me once for a username and password and I entered them, but it seems to have cached those and they aren't correct. I checked credential manager and they aren't saved there.
This is not something you need to desire. It is plain common sense and has to do with security. I, even when I am the only user of a PC, and I regard myself as Admin and power user, never logon to it with an account that has admin rights. It is much harder for viruses and malware, or external hackers, to take over a PC which is logged on with an account that has admin rights. You should really go with best practice and change the way you work. It only takes a little more self discipline. It's what UAC is all about.
networknAuthor Commented:
With respect I am not going to argue with you about the pros and cons of UAC or of being a non administrator on a machine I use daily with the type of work I am doing. Bottom line is this:

It worked when I had a Local (administrative) account, is there a way to get it working with a MS Account?

It asked me for credentials once, I obviously mistyped them and it's caching them somewhere, how do I remove those credentials?
networknAuthor Commented:
I resolved this issue myself. I went into credential manager looking for the cached credentials and decided to try and add credentials, and when I did this voila working!

It's actually mentioned in the setup and troubleshooting docs for hvremote.wsf but it's called CMDKEY.exe which I didn't associate with creating credentials on the local machine.

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networknAuthor Commented:
Solved myself.
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