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How do I delete a user in IBM Lotus Notes

itcspro asked
What is the proper way to delete a user from Lotus Domino 7.0.2 so that people get bounce back when she is emailed.
1. Mail file is not required.
2. User name and email must disappear from "all users group".
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Domino Administrator
Find the person in the "People" list
Choose Delete person

It will be removed from groups, reader and author lists in databases etc.

Then you can select to delete their mail file from their home and any other replica servers (maybe having archived a copy to a different drive if wanted first) and remove from directory immediately.

Then just leave it to it, or as the removing of names from fields etc. and mail file from other servers etc. is carried out by admin process which will work perioidcally you can do:


on the console of the server to kick this off.

If more than one server is involved the admin4.nsf and names.nsf databases will have to have replicated across to that server and adminp kick in on there.


Glad it helped.  Just ask if you need to know any more.