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kaspersky admin console

doctorbill asked
I am trying to install Kaspersky admin console version 10 in server essentials 2012
I keep getting this error message:

"Error while installing: System error 0x800708C5 (The password does not meet the password policy requirements. Check the minimum password length, password complexity and password history requirements.)."

I have done the obvious such as disabled password complexity in the Group policy, tried numerous different passwords etc
I have no problem with any other server installations
And ideas please?
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Zephyr ICTCloud Architect
It might be because the local administrator password isn't complex enough, even when it is disabled. Try with enabling the local admin account, set a difficult password and retry installation... If you haven't tried this already that is.
Makes sure you are not using a password you already used. Depending on the password history length you have, you might be using a password you already used.