Extending Desktop to 10 HD TV's

I'm trying to extend the desktop across 10 Vizio 60" E600i-B3 TV's.    I have Two AMD Radeon HD7870 Graphic Cards.  All TV's are connecting via HDMI from the TV and converting to the DisplayPort connection on the cards.  

I can unplug and plug these TV's in and I had 7 extended at once, but it seems random.   I can unplug and plug and get a combination of 3 or 4 typically.  

I updated the drivers for the Graphic Cards.  Running Windows 8 Pro.  16GB of memory

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!
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Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Yes -- if you have ample ports, the issue is almost certainly that you need active DisplayPort -> HDMI adapters.
kstahlAuthor Commented:
My current guess is that I need Active HDMI to DisplayPort Adapters and might have passive ones.  

I just ordered 10 of these to at least try.

kstahlAuthor Commented:
The active adaptors worked.  I'm extending across 10 TV's plus my main monitor now.
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