legacyExchangeDN issue

I have a rejoined staff called Kelly Smith (I have changed her name here).

She had left the company one year ago and she had the account below:
AD Username in Windows 2003 Server: abc.com\kelly.smith
Email Address int Exchange 2007 is kelly.smith@abc.com

We had deleted accounts above (everything) when she left the company.

This year, she rejoined our company and we have recreated the AD and Exchange Account for her.

AD Username in Windows 2003 Server: abc.com\kelly.s
Email Address int Exchange 2007 is kelly.smith@abc.com

This time we are using different AD name (kelly.smith - old one, kelly.s - new one)but same email address. All the while we have no issue for creating account for rejoined staff, but this time we are not able to send email to kelly.smith@abc.com. Means she cannot receive email from anyone at her mailbox. The sender will receive the NDR below from the Exchange Server.

#550 5.1.1 RESOLVER.ADR.ExRecipNotFound; not found ##

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If the email address kelly.smith@abc.com in the Alias, user are not able to receive email and sender will get the NDR.

If I remove kelly.smith@abc.com from the Exchange Server and leave other alias, ex: kelly.s@abc.com or other alias. We can deliver mail box to her mailbox. Please see the figure below:

When I check the Legacy of kelly.smith, it show the result below.

[PS] C:\Documents and Settings\xxx>Get-Mailbox kelly.smith | fl LegacyExcha

LegacyExchangeDN : /o=First Organization/ou=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDI

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Anyone can help to fix this issue? because we need to assign this email ID (kelly.smith@abc.com) for the user.
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Sarat chsystem adminCommented:

Have you tried adding x.500 proxy address mapping to legacyExchangeDN to the newly created mailbox. Can you check below link if at all applies.

G2020Author Commented:
Hi Srikanth,

I saw this website reference before and add x500 to the email address. But it didn't work.

G2020Author Commented:
I will open a ticket to Microsoft Support
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G2020Author Commented:
Microsoft didn't find any errors during the checking. They try to stop all the Transport Agent and retry sending email to the user. User now are able to receive the email successfully.  Below here is how to check what are the Transportagent are runninng. You can see we have two agent is running.

[PS] C:\>Get-Transportagent

Identity                                           Enabled         Priority
--------                                                -------               --------
Policy Pxxxl Email (Edge)              False                1
Policy Pxxxl Email (Hub)                False               2
Transport Rule Agent                     True                3
Journaling Agent                              True               4
AD RMS Prelicensing Agent           False               5

After we disabled all the transportagent, it will show "False",
Command to disable is: ex, disable-TransportAgent "Transport Rule Agent "
Result after disable all the Agent:
[PS] C:\>Get-Transportagent

Identity                                           Enabled         Priority
--------                                                -------               --------
Policy Pxxxl Email (Edge)              False                1
Policy Pxxxl Email (Hub)                False                2
Transport Rule Agent                     False               3
Journaling Agent                              False              4
AD RMS Prelicensing Agent           False               5

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Go to Transport Rules / Journaling in your EMC, and verify the rules one by one. Finally we found that the user's name is in the one of the rules, this rules was created before the user left. We have removed it and problem is solved.
Please enabled back the Agent that you have disabled earlier.

Command to enable the Agent,ex:  Enable-TransportAgent " Journaling Agent"

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G2020Author Commented:
This is not a legacyexchangedn issue .  The idea and  solution provided by Microsoft may  be can help you for the similar issue.
Sarat chsystem adminCommented:
Indeed its a good Find. Thanks for posting the solution

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