switching profiles (Windows 7) messed up the files ?

We were in a process of migration our server from windows 2003 to window 2012 R2.
we have 10 PC to disjoin / rejoin to the new domain (we prefered to NOT migrate the users ..but rather create them from scratch...

so the team used the method of registry change so that the users would keep their desktops , outlook ...etc...to have them on the new domain...
It worked fine but for 1 user for which we are not being able to find his files anymore !!
After they used the registry hack to "move" the proffile... the user is no longer being able to see his documents...
Even though his outlook is working (he has a godaddy account)... outlook was working fine (but it had to download the emails all over...but the settings were there !)
but the excel files , word document are gone ! we can't find them...
We did a recovery of the HDD (and put the recovered files on a separate disk... now the files are present but they are all corrupted.. I tried many recovery excel third party..but none is working.. they say it is fixed, but the file is empty !! I am not even sure that all the files are there ! What do I do ?
I know that the team who did this did not delete any file... so the files should be somewhere right ?
Do you think a recovery program can find them ? which one ? how ?
What do I do ? PLEASE helppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

Thank you
Pierre AmmounIT ConsultantAsked:
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Xi MingCommented:

I think you might have an invalid name for the user that's why it may be causing problems for the system to find the files (since the location, folder urls will be corrupted due to the invalid name). You can check to see if the user name is too long, or if it contains corruped characters (like words from languages other than English, spaces, symbols etc). Then try again
Pierre AmmounIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Xi Ming

thanks for the info  , but the files are still on my HDD ? Do you think trying to chkdsk the disk will help fixing it ?

Xi MingCommented:

Yes, you can do that. You can also try this:

    Use Windows Explorer. Open the folder containing the file, and select the file. Press F2 (or right-click the file and choose Rename). Then type a new name.

    Use a Windows Command Prompt. Open a Command Prompt and change to the Drive and Folder (CD) containing the file. Then type:

    ren "currentname.ext" "newname.ext"

    If the (corrupted) filename contains characters that you are not able to type, use "wildcards" to specify the corrupted filename.

    For example... use "?" (question marks) to represent non typable characters in the filename like:

    ren "so?me?fi?le?.ext" "newname.ext"

If you are having trouble with this, or if I have misunderstood your question, perhaps you could update your question to include more details.

If the file is open and locked by another process, it is likely these attempts will fail. In that case, you will need to close or unlock the file first.

If all these attempts fail, perhaps you could have a user who has a local account on the machine try to rename the file.

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Pierre AmmounIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
But the problem..is that I can't seem to see non-english character...

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Pierre AmmounIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
What I mean to say is that eventually, in the end, the files should be somewhere in the HDD right ?
the IT Did not delete any file. the Profiles got messed up... but does this mean that the files could be gone like for-ever ?
If no files were deleted then they should all still be there.
If you open Windows Explorer and browse to c:\Users\ you should be able to see the profile of the user.
All their desktop data and documents, etc should be there.
You may need to change the settings to show hidden files.
If worse comes to worse you can always recover the lost data from their backups - they have got backups haven't they?
Pierre AmmounIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
backups ? oopps.. nope.
in C:\users the old profile is there but empty !!!
Xi MingCommented:
Can you take a sceen shoot of it
Xi MingCommented:
On the user profile folder, right click and choose "properties".
Under "size:", check that it is not zero.
Under "properties:" there are two checkboxes, "read-only" and "hidden". Uncheck both of the two boxes.
Then take a screen shoot of that, click ok, and attach your screen shot here to show us
Xi MingCommented:
pa66, any updates?
Xi MingCommented:
OK, congrats!!
Pierre AmmounIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
The files were corrupted...and I could fix the biggest part !

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