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Mac Mini MGEN2LL/A and a Virtual Windows 7 OS installed

I'm new to the MAC World.  However, we're seeing an increase in potential clients with MAC systems.  So, here is my question:  Can a virtual version of Windows 7 or 8.1 be installed within this Mac Mini's OS X Yosemite?
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IT Consultant
yes, definitely. by running VMware Fusion, Parallels Desktop or VirtualBox on your Mac running Yosemite.

however, be aware that Mac Mini is a low-end Mac with limited resources in terms of processor power, memory size and HD capacity, hence the virtualisation performance can't be smooth if running a large VM. a W7 VM with 2GB should be running perfectly.
In addition, it's possible to install Windows 7 or 8 as a bootcamp install in essence giving you the ability to boot either Windows or OS X.  And Parallels and Fusion can also use that bootcamp partition as a virtual machine. So instead of creating space in the OS X world to support a Windows VM, you can hook a Parallels or Fusion "shell" to the boot cam partition and have the best of both worlds.  If you are always looking to run Windows as a virtual machine under OS X, not sure that the boot camp scenario is any better than just a straight VM, but you do have that option.