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Check what servers are running Wondiws Server 2003

Mark Galvin
Mark Galvin asked
Large client. Documenation is not up to date and I have inherited the estate.

One of the first things client wants to do is work out what servers are running 2003 so they can plan through migrating the services on those servers to newer OS.

Anyone have a simple script I can run on their LAN that will list back what is running 2003 servers?

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Manager - Infrastructure:  Information Technology
There are two ways:

1.  Use Active Directory Users & Computers and create a WMI query
2.  Create a computer GPO and assign it at the domain level.  Your GPO will create a file with the name of the computer in a share of your choice

Below is the WMI query:

select * from Win32_OperatingSystem where Version like "6.0%" and ProductType="1"

You can use the same WMI query for the Group Policy where you will use it for the filter.  Your script could be something like this:

if exist \\%servername\sharename\%computername%.txt goto end
echo %computername% > \\servername\sharename\%computername%.txt

Just note that this query will not return 2003 Domain Controllers.

Also look at:

Mark GalvinPrincipal Consultant


Sorry folks. Been off work ill for near enough two weeks with various.

Back to it now and will try the above suggestion.
Mark GalvinPrincipal Consultant


Worked. Thanks.