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Task '' reported error (0x80190194): the operation failed.

I have exchange 2013 installed in 2 server's and recently facing some issue in updating OAW in outlook. We are using different versions of outlook and all outlook we are getting the attached error when updating the address book and new addresses are not updating. If we create a new profile of outlook, it will get updated with all email ID's

What might be the issue.
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Do you have both servers listed as distribution points for the OAB? If not, then you need to ensure that they are. I would also check that the URL for the OAB virtual directory is set on both servers correctly.

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How to set both server's a distribution points and also let me know how to configure OAB URL in both server's
It sounds like you haven't configured the Exchange server. Have you done anything other than install the product? While you get core functionality out of the box, Exchange does require some customisation for your specific environment which it sounds like you haven't done.

Configuring the virtual directories is well documented on TechNet - no disrespect but EE is not designed to provide individually tailored tutorials. If you don't know how to configure Exchange then I suggest you hire a consultant.

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