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Execution Plan/ Client Statistics

The Execution Plan/ Client Statistics for this query prior to indexing is shown on the attached image:
select s.[year], a.AnalyteCode, a.Analyte
, Min(a.ConcentrationLevel) as min_Concentration_Level
, Max(a.ConcentrationLevel) as max_Concentration_Level
, a.ConcentrationLevelUnit as Concentration_Unit
from LabAnalyteData as a inner join 
LabSampleData as s on s.IDinAccess= a.IDinAccess
Group By s.[year], a.AnalyteCode, a.Analyte, a.ConcentrationLevelUnit
Order By a.Analyte

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On this image, under Execution Plan tab, there is indexing recommendation in green.
Question 1: Is there a way to copy and paste the string of this recommendation?

The list of missing non-clustered indexes are:
- a.IDinAccess  (FK)
- Include a.AnalyteCode, a.Analyte, a.ConcentrationLevelUnit

Question 2: What exactly does the above recommendation mean? Which of the following it is recommending:

CREATE INDEX index_FK_IDinAccess_LabAnalyteData ONLabAnalyteData (IDinAccess);    
CREATE INDEX index_FK_Fields_LabAnalyteData ONLabAnalyteData (AnalyteCode, Analyte, ConcentrationLevelUnit);


CREATE INDEX index_FK_IDinAccess_LabAnalyteData ONLabAnalyteData (IDinAccess, AnalyteCode, Analyte, ConcentrationLevelUnit);

Question 3: What red flags do you see on the Execution Plan/ Client Statistics tabs?
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re:> Double click on the recommendation index (green text).

This doesn't work maybe because I am using Express version.
Can't test on Express edition because I don't have one.
Did you try right-click on it to see the available options?
Yes I did. It must be the difference in Express version.