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Microsoft Access form, Getting Error " There is no object in this control "

When opening an Microsoft Access form, user receives a number of 'There is no object in this control' prompts which makes the form unusable.

The Cause (as we know it):
We installed a newer Microsoft project on the affected PC
And this caused the Active X reference to buttons on the form to be missing in some way?

Attempted Fixes:
If we go into VB Code / Tools / References
•      Nothing shows up as ‘Missing’
•      But within the references we browsed out to add FM20.dll in System32 (Microsoft Forms 2.0 Object Library)
•      After we did that we recompiled the code: VB Code / Debug / Compile

On the affected PC’s – we are actually no longer able to add any Microsoft Forms 2.0 Objects without getting an error.

So – we are looking for a solution to this reference issue?!
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Scott McDaniel (EE MVE )
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It's possible you're running into this:

I realize that for Excel, but it deals with the FM20.dll issue.

Also note that FM20.dll is NOT redistributable, but is instead installed with several components. See this article:

Long term, you really should STOP using external files. If you find that the Access interface does not provide you with sufficient native controls, then you should consider moving to a different development platform.
Just curious, ...what functionality are are using this dll for?
Many times the same functionality exists in Access' native controls...
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Thanks for the responses..

The first link does not seem to be working..

I'm not actually sure if we are using FM20 - but I do know the reference that is missing is 'Microsoft Forms 2.0 Object Library' which I don't believe is not a native control?

Either way - the objects that are missing a reference are just simple buttons.
That we have disabled on the form, and then once a proper password is entered in VBA we ENABLE them.
So if there is a different object type, besides the buttons that the form was setup to use previously with Forms 2.0.. Then we would be willing to change all of those buttons to a new method. . . I am just unaware of such button?

Hope that makes sense. .
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Because the issue is some what related to a MS forms.

We had to deal with an old MS word document form there you can't able to type into it.  Solution for that problem was to uninstall this particular MS office security update. Keeping that in mind I applied the same solution and it worked.