WooCommerce REST API question.

I do not know if anybody experienced the following problem. I am using WooCommerce REST API to retrieve data from our eCommerce website. The problem I came across is very peculiar one. I am using two filters: one order status and completion date. Order status is always "completed" and Completion date must be yesterday. Here is my call:
https://apibuild.giving.massgeneral.org/wc-api/v2/orders?consumer_key=KEY&consumer_secret=KEY&filter%5completed_at%5d=2015-02-08&filter%5bpost_status%5d=completed. I should get NO data but I received bunch of past orders. It seems to me that my filter completed_at does not work. Can you help?
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
GET /orders?status=completed&filter[created_at_min]=2015-02-0
Oliver RussellCommented:
Check out this tutorial on creating dashboard using WooCommerce rest api. It is based on a similar issue as you are experiencing.
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