Encryption using Dell PERC H800 in R610 Server-- LKM or DKM?

I'm a little confused about the methods of enabling hardware encryption on a PERC H800 and H700 in a Dell R610 server.  This may relate to LKM (Dell's local key management versus DKM).

After I successfully created the encryption passphrase, the options in the perc controller included an option to "save to DKM" or some similar wording.  When I selected the DKM option, the option failed.  What is this DKM option?  (I was able to lock the virtual drive without this).

Is the optimal configuration for a PERC H800 in a Dell R610 to enable the TPM chip in the computer bios and have the TPM chip interact with the PERC H800 or H700?  How do you do this?

We also have an R620 with PERC H710 and H810 cards-- would I take the same approach (DKM) or is Local Key Management (LKM) preferred?

We do have all self-encrypting drives attached to the cards.
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dakota5Author Commented:
No information came from the Dell forum.  DKM option does not seem to be viable.
Thomas RushCommented:
I suspect that LKM is "Local Key Management" and "DKM" is "Distributed Key Management".  I can't find an equivalent document, but with HP's encrypting RAID controllers, the distributed key management is enabled through its iLO Advanced license (i.e., the out-of-band dedicated management port on the server).  This is a separate license; if you're just using the basic iLO functionality, you're stuck with local key management.

Take a look and see what you can find from Dell's equivalent.
dakota5Author Commented:
A Dell tech on the their storage forum told me yesterday that it stood for Dell Key Manager.  When I looked for references on the Internet, it looks like it relates to older versions of their Open Manage software when Symantec was writing it.  PERC H700 and H800 product lines had the DKM option in bios; I tried my H710 and H810-- they don't include it.

Will wait to see if this Dell tech on the forum gives me more information, but you are correct-- it is analogous to aspects of HPs management software.
dakota5Author Commented:
No one answered the question or provided useful information.
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