Too big for excel? VBA Stops responding and Crashes on . . .

The following code was originally in an excel 2003 .xls vba project.  It works fine if there is less than 63k rows.  

When the data grew to >63k rows, it hung, so of course I immediately saved the project as .xlsm to see if that would overcome the problem in Excel 2007.  It seemed to get further but crashes ultimately crashes on the export function below.

When I kill excel, I see an error:  " Method Text of  Object Range failed.  Run time error: -2147417848 (80010108) "  I presume that's really the error and now what I caused when I end-tasked Excel.

I tried installing the 64 bit version of excel 2013 however the project wouldn't run at all (library errors or something like that).  So then, I tried the 32 but version of Excel 2013 and have the same not-responding problem.

The sheet of data is only about 80,000 rows so it's well within the integer and long data type constraints.

I even tried increasing the memory allocation of my VM from 4 gigs ram to 12 gigs.  It made no difference.

Any ideas?


Public Sub MF_Export_File()
        Const DELIMITER As String = "" 'Normally none
        Const PAD As String = " "   'or other character
        Dim vFieldArray As Variant
        Dim myRecord As Range
        Dim nFileNum As Long
        Dim i As Long
        Dim sOut As String
        vFieldArray = Array(9, 4, 3, 5, 2, 8, 8, 30, 6, 10, 8, 2, 3, 9, 25)
        nFileNum = FreeFile
        Open Range("MF_XFER_Path").Value & "\" & Range("To_MF_File").Value For Output As #nFileNum
     For Each myRecord In Range("A1:A" & _
              Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row)
            With myRecord
                For i = 0 To UBound(vFieldArray)
                    sOut = sOut & DELIMITER & Left(.Offset(0, i).Text & _
                            String(vFieldArray(i), PAD), vFieldArray(i))
                Next i
                Print #nFileNum, Mid(sOut, Len(DELIMITER) + 1)
                sOut = Empty
            End With
        Next myRecord
        Close #nFileNum
    End Sub

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Can you post a sample data so  we can see what is the range and how it interacts. ?
Try putting Doevents after End With.


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It seems like you are trying to create a Text file from a range. Would it be simpler to copy the data to a different spreadsheet and save then save that as a text file?
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mike2401Author Commented:
@gowflow is GENIUS !!!

When I added the doevents, and kept refreshing windows explorer in the output folder, I saw the file size kept increasing and increasing.  So, it wasn't frozen, but rather actually writing the file.

Sadly, it takes 40 minutes for 68,363 rows, but at least it works!!!!

Thanks a million !!!

Rory ArchibaldCommented:
The Text property gets slower and slower the more rows you use it on. If you really need the formatted value, you might be better off using .Value2 and then formatting the result using the NumberFormat property.
mike2401Author Commented:
And yes @LeonStryker, I am trying to create a text file from the range. I will open a separate call to see if there's a better way so that.  I want @gowflow to get all the points for this particular question.
mike2401Author Commented:
Thank you!
Appreciated. I tried it on a small sample and saw there was no problem but when you mentioned 80000 this is when it got to my mind that the hanging was inevitable if not with DoEvents.

Tks for the appreciation.
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