can i place a microsoft dynamics crm web application server in my DMZ?

i need to setup a microsoft dynamics crm web application server, and im looking to do it in my DMZ- the company we have contracted out to do this is telling us that we need to have this server added to the domain but its company policy that we dont have DMZ servers on our domain
they are saying we wont be able to set this up for client access unless we have it added to the domain which i find hard to believe. i cant see how any company would want to add a server in the DMZ which is internet/client facing, and have it added to their internal domain.
is there any way that we can get this done without adding it to the domain?
there are 2 servers on the domain, behind our firewall, that already have the FULL SERVER roles and SQL SERVER roles.
we are adding this for client access, it will only hold the WEB APPLICATION SERVER and ORGANIZATION WEB SERVICE roles
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Feridun KadirPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
That is my understanding too. All CRM servers must be joined to the same domain as the SQL Server that hosts the database for CRM.

CRM servers need to communicate with the SQL Server that holds the database. I think that precludes the server not being in the domain.

I'm not convinced that a DMZ is the only way to go, hiding CRM servers behind a decent firewall/router with just the correct ports open may be well good enough. But of course, you'll have your own opinion.
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