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Adding a Managed Switch

I've purchased a CISCO  SG500-28P Managed Switch (28 port) to add on to three other Managed Switches currently configured in our network (one other Lynksys and the other two CISCO older brands- all managed Switches with POe).  The new switch has been assigned a static IP Address already and connected through an available port on one of the other managed switches.  I connected my workstation only into this switch and found I'm unable to remotely connect through my workstation to other devices using Remote desktop Connection.  I have limited knowledge of this but I think it has something to do with POe configuration.  The POe light on the new switch is not lit up which tells me I've not properly configured it.  I need:

1) any simple steps available to configure this switch and
2) Ensure same security on this switch as the others.  

Unfortunately, each switches' web interface differ slightly so I can't necessarily find all the right areas to configure on the new.  What are the most important areas?  Any information would be appreciated.
1 Solution
You could always tty to one of the older Ciscos and show running config  that will get you all the information configure in the old switch then you'd have the info to configure in the new Cisco.  If you open up 2 tty sessions you should be able to cut and paste but be careful doing this incase the new sw has different syntax in its ver.
rsabaAuthor Commented:
Thanks tmoore1962 but unfortunately, I've had limited tty experience.  Do you have specific steps/commands to give that I can follow, at least to see the information needed?
Tory WCommented:
It is time to enter the world of the command line interface or CLI.  

Step 1
You should have received a blue "console" cable.  This cable connects from the console port on your Cisco switch to your db9 port on your desktop. Should be pretty strait forward.  

Step 2
Once you have the cable connected you have to have some type of program running to connect to the switch.  I like putty cause it is free and works easily. You can get a copy of putty here.   Just get the putty.exe or whatever matches the OS of your computer.  

Step 3
Run putty and on the first page click on the radio button marked serial.  This will bring you to the correct page.  Now you just need to use the correct "COM port" under the serial line block. This is the COM port you plugged the blue cable into on the back of your computer.  Your computer should be using a port somewhere between COM1 and COM4. (I have seen as much as COM7) Just try COM1 first and click open. It should bring up a black box. If it is working you can hit enter a couple of times and there should be some text on screen in that box.  If it doesn't work after 15 seconds or so close the program and reopen it and try COM2 , then COM3 etc . . . till you get a connection.  

Step 4
You should be connected via console port to the switch now it just comes down to typing the commands you want. Here is a decent guide that will help.  

Step 5
You can choose to take the blue pill or the red pill.  
Blue pill- you can do a factory reset on the SG500-28P, use the web interface day in and day out and live your life never using the command line.


Red pill- you can setup and connect to the console port of the SG500-28P.  Once you learn the basics you will never be the same, it wont be easy and you may lose some hair due to pulling on some of it, but you will open a world of control that may benefit you greatly.

Hope this helps!
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