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IP addresses for Guest Network

Working with a small office (5 users) that has a Windows 2012 R2 server.

The server currently handles DHCP.

We have one router. An ASUS TR-AC87U.

We want to enable a guest wireless network... but since DHCP is on the server... and the guest login does not allow network access, the connection times out.

Right now the server provides IPs in the range of to 192.1686.35.50... with some fixed IPs in the 0-9 range.

I am thinking of turning on DHCP on the router for .51 to 99.

My thinking is those with credentials for the network wireless login, will see the server and grab an address in the  10 to 50 range.

Meanwhile any guests would not "see" the server and get an address from .51 t0 .99 from the router.

I am trying to find out what might be wrong with this arrangement.  Suggestions welcome.  I am also thinking of changing the router subnet for its DHCP from .35 to e.g. .36, but not sure if that is necessary, or possible given that the router itself is

Thanks for any comments.
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You don't want to be doing it like this if you don't want guests to see the server.

Your router has Guest network functionality which will handle everything you need... just turn it on.

Yes if your router has guest network functionality then turn it on configure guest network outside your LAN ie use 192.168.100.xxx  set the subnet or range big enough to handle guest systems and smart phones as neither should be on your LAN.  Most good SOHO will have the guest SSID functionality and also allow you to configure device isolation which prevents systems from 'seeing' each other on the guest network.



I actually tried that.  It would only work if router DHCP was on.

If the Guest network is on... but with router DHCP off... anyone accessing the guest network could enter the passphrase... but they could not complete the connection because they could not talk to the server to get an IP.

So router DHCP has to be on.  But my concern is that now we have two DHCP servers. For Guests, that is not an issue... they can only see the Router DHCP.  For network users, however, I am concerned that they will see both and pull an ip from the Router DHCP.  I am hoping, but not sure, that when someone with network credentials would connect to the network... they would only obtain an address from the server DHCP when they login.


If I set the guest network to 192.168.100.xxx will the guests still have access to the internet? The gateway address is
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You should be able to turn the DHCP server on for each network independently, so the main LAN won't get IP addressing from the router.


Thanks for the comments. Will be splitting the points.