How do i transfer files from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2012 and keep all permissions and shares?

I have a file server (Windows 2003) and I want to transfer those files to a new file server on Windows Server 2012 while retaining file permissions and shares.
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To copy the files and permissions, you can use:
robocopy \\server1\share \\server2\share /COPYALL /SECFIX /TIMFIX /DCOPY:T /R:3 /W:3 /LOG+:c:\filename.txt

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Step 1:
Copy the source share folders to destination server by using the robocopy one by one or entire drive data.

robocopy \\2013server\sharefolder1\  \\2012Server\d$\ /E /COPYALL /SEC /R:4 /w:4 /LOG+:C:\log.txt

(or) entire drive

robocopy \\2013server\d$\  \\2012Server\d$\ /E /COPYALL /SEC /R:4 /w:4 /LOG+:C:\log.txt

Step 2:
Open Regedit and Export the share permission registry value in 2003 server.

Step 4:
Login to 2012 server and Import the registry which we exported from 2003 server then reboot the server
Alessandro ScafariaInfrastructure Premier Field AdministratorCommented:
I hope you have a virtual production environment in order to test properly at first all tasks you have to perform.....

If you don't, please backup your source and destination server before making changes....

You can follow this step-by-step guide:

Let us know....
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