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I am trying to recover a password for an old lady who doesn't remember her password and she is asking for help. I am not a Mac person. what are my options. She has not recovery disk ?
She has  Mac Book Pro. computer. Doesn't Mac have an internal recovery partition like windows ? if yes what are the key I need to push after restart? or there are any utilities I can user to reset the admin password like in windows ? any suggestions please ? any link and ideas ?

Thank you
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CorinTackNetwork EngineerCommented:
You can find instructions for resetting forgotten passwords on a Mac here:

This walks you through more than one method, in case the easier ones don't work like they should.
ItaliabellaAuthor Commented:
Corin, thank you for this great tutorial my for me things are never easy :) infact it doesnt' work :).

I tried different command and finally I was able to enter something. I can see on top the tab that says "Utilities" but it's gray out. In fact it still asking for 4 digit lock PIN. this is a OS X Version 1.0 (33)

all the options are gray out unless I put the lock PIN which she doesn't have. Do you think that I need to reset the firmware password ? Just guessing from my experience with windows ..

Any other guess....I am looking stupid to her eyes that I can't even reset her PC :)

Thanks a lot...
That PIN is the firmware password.  You'll have to reset that first.  If you have an older Mac, you can open it up and add or remove the RAM, then reboot and reset the PRAM.

If you have a newer Mac with soldered on RAM, then you have to take it to the Apple Store to have them reset it for you.
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ItaliabellaAuthor Commented:
To me it's a pretty old mac notebook and I can definitely try 1) open it up and remove the memory 2) restart the laptop with or without the memory bars ? You said reboot and reset the PRAM ? How can I do that ? Is there a precise sequence of the steps to take
ItaliabellaAuthor Commented:
Serial band I opened the laptop and removed the memory. then I put it back and turned on the mac but the firmware password has not been reset. please explain me well the steps that I need to do in order to reset the firmware password removing the memory and putting it back, if I need to reboot in the meanwhile..

I am attaching a pic of what I have so far...
ItaliabellaAuthor Commented:
ok I spent hours following all the instruction I fund on line.  after removing the memory I immediately hold down the option+command+R+P  simoltenuosly  and power the laptop on. These commands don't work on this laptop :)

any suggestion ?
ItaliabellaAuthor Commented:
Thank you both.
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