Dell Optiplex 960 running windows 7, mouse and keyborad not responding

I have a Dell desktop 960 running Windows 7 OS where the Keyboard and mouse will not respond even at post. The mouse does show power. I plugged a known good keyboard in and tried different usb ports but no luck.

Any and all suggestions or comments are welcome.

Thank you,

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dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.Commented:
Shut machine down, unplug power cable, hold power button down for 10-30 seconds, plug power cable in and restart.  See if that does anything.  I suspect not but worth trying.

If keyboard does not permit access to BIOS on startup I'd suspect dead motherboard.  You could try unplugging all internal connections to motherboard (hard drive, etc).  Remove chipset heatsink and reapply thermal paste there and reseat chipset heatsink.  Reset BIOS (I presume motherboard has a jumper for that).   Check motherboard for bad capacitors (but that model should be OK).

If all of that proves unsatisfactory I'd say dead motherboard.

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bjbrownAuthor Commented:
Okay, thanks dburnton, my gut is screaming bad mother board as well but I'll dig in a bit more using your suggestions.

Does the PC have PS2 ports? If so, try a PS2 keyboard (connect it with the PC turned off, as PS2 ports can vreak if hot-plugged).

Otherwise, did you try all the ports on the PC? Often only 2 are more or less dedicated to mice and keyboard.

Rather than the "fix" mentioned above, I'd remove the CMOS battery with power removed, then insert the battery again and try to reboot. Sometimes a wrong BIOS setting can cause USB ports to be disabled. Removing the battery would clear the CMOS to factory defaults which should enable those ports.
bjbrownAuthor Commented:
Thank you experts.
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